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September 19 | 4pm

drawing of Clara Schumann
Clara Wieck Schumann

What better way to start the season than with exuberant and rhapsodic music from a fraternity of young, brilliant Romantics? While in her teens, Clara Wieck was already a formidable concert pianist and published composer; Albert Dietrich and Robert Volkmann were gifted young composers drawn to the Schumann circle; Johannes Brahms was the youngest, and headed for an immortal career. His first Piano Trio is a cornerstone of the repertoire—hear it anew on Context’s stunning Bösendorfer piano, built at the same time Brahms was composing his Trio!

photo of Alexander Woods
Alexander Woods
photo of Michael Kannen
Michael Kannen
photo of Brian Connelly
Brian Connelly
1852 Bösendorfer piano
photo of Bosendorfer piano
1852 Bösendorfer piano